Summerset Senior Living Celebrates Love

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we would like to celebrate love.  It springs eternal and knows no age limits.

It does not think about retirement dates, nor physical or mental limits or setbacks. Most of us who have lived and loved would say that love only gets better with age. The current shift in millennial culture pays little attention to the love stories of seniors and sadly does not always appreciate the sentiment or stories in what they have to share.  Seniors in love tend to be more committed than today’s youth, and often set an example to show the rest of us how it should be done.

Benefits of love in our older years has many facets.  We tend to appreciate those we love more as we reminisce of memorable times that were shared.  We find joy in seeing those we love smile when we show our love by doing something kind.  Cooking and/or writing for those we love shows how much we continue to care while keeping our skills fresh.  Remembering what initially attracted you to each other and talking about it helps keep the spark not only in our hearts, but in our eyes when our loved ones enter the room.

Sharing stories with your children and grandchildren about the history of your courtship will not only keep your mind fresh with great memories, but will also instill loving values in them to carry forward.

Celebrate your love in a memorable way by taking a walk, watching a special movie, creating a project together or simply reading together.

Embrace all those that you love and let them know not only this Valentine’s Day, but every day how much they mean to you everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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